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saturday lackadaisicalness

i have been dragging all day…probably the overcast sky has had to something to do with it. i ate, finished a book, ate, watched some episodes of The Office, read another book, took a nap, ate, watched more Office. lather, rinse, repeat. i’ve tried to talk myself into doing something constructive like laundry, baking, going for a walk, drive, dot dot dot, but the most i’ve accomplished today is brushing my teeth. i’ve allowed myself the excuses that the laundry room is probably already occupied, as with on most saturdays, and that going out will probably result in me spending money (and i’ve already spent my entertainment/shopping budgets for the month).

so now i’m just listening to The Shins and aimlessly browsing the internet.

any fun ideas?

here are my top 5 picks for a perfect saturday, if money, location, and time weren’t a factor…








i really enjoy going to Starbucks to read, but since i got my Starbucks fix yesterday, I’m trying to avoid it today…but don’t let that stop you! definitely go, and take a good book or a crossword puzzle.









the Portland Saturday Market in Portland, Oregon is amazing (actually, all of Portland is amazing). being an artist helps me to appreciate other artists, and this is a pretty neat place to shop if you’re an artist. lots of fun stuff. i went there the last couple of times i was in Portland- and I never came home empty handed. one of my favorite booths is Fused Glass House, which specializes in fused glass and dichroic glass jewelry.










hiking the Hoh National Rainforest in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington (the state) would be stellar. if i lived nearby, i think i would hike there every Saturday.








i’ve always wanted to go on a road trip, just to experience the journey.









Tea Chai Te in The Pearl district of Portland, Oregon is the neatest little tea house ever- and they happen to have the best bubble tea i’ve ever tried. (definitely get mango with a green tea base and tapioca pearls). and they are located not too terribly far from R.E.I. sigh.


well, now i’ve successfully mutilated my saturday evening wishing i were doing something else, rather than lazying it up. i hope you all have fared much better today.


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today i’m feeling restless. Fall generally makes me feel this way. last year i was leafing through an old Bartlett’s Quotations book that i had inherited from my great aunt when i came across this William Bliss Carman quote that my aunt had scrawled on a piece of paper and stuck in the book:

There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir, we must rise and follow her; When from every hill of flame, She calls and calls each vagabond by name.

i know it’s not October yet, but close enough. my gypsy blood is stirring, and i just can’t sit still.

so, with that in mind, i have been thinking today of all the places i want to travel to someday (you know- when i’m independently wealthy and have nothing to do). so here is my top ten places to go/do list:

  1. Ireland
  2. Scotland
  3. Alaska
  4. Olympic Peninsula (Washington)
  5. the Swiss Alps
  6. the English countryside
  7. Australia
  8. Machu Picchu, Peru (i’ve actually been to the Peru, just not there)
  9. backpack the Appalachian Trail
  10. Africa

you won’t find me basking on some beach. i’m too restless.


where would you go?

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