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friday miscellaneous

the weather has turned sharply autumnal today and i’m feeling rather introspective, in a good way. the air is cool, the sky gray with only hints of blue, and leaves are skittering across the pavement outside. i have some nice melancholy music playing: Rosanne Cash, Over the Rhine, and George Winston. and i’ve got my coffee. it’s a good thing (sorry, i couldn’t help the Martha Stewart reference there).


i saw a hippie today. he was riding his bike, his frizzy, long hair blowing behind him, save for the part that was held down by the string tied around the circumference of his head. he wore a flannel shirt with a tan suede vest. and a backpack. he was pedaling fast, probably trying to get from the 60’s to the 70’s. i’m not writing about him to mock him. actually i respect him. i wish,  for one, that i had a bike, and two, that i would be brave enough to ride it on major highways. seriously, life would be much simpler if everyone rode bikes, instead of driving cars. granted, it would take longer to get places and we would have to be creative come grocery shopping time. but think about it: less to go wrong with your vehicle. no pollution from cars, no obesity. aahhh. i can dream.


 tonight i plan to make a big batch of pasta e fagioli (it tastes just like the Olive Garden version!). it’s such a healthy meal- lots of vegetables (i omit the meat), plus i use whole wheat pasta. and the soup freezes well. i can’t wait. it will go great with this lovely fall weather. now all i need is rain to make my night complete. i simply adore rain. (seriously, i would love to live in the Pacific Northwest).





i picked up the first season of Dexter from the library after a friend highly recommended it. i’m excited about it, though i’ve heard it is rather bloody.





so here’s my latest reading queue. some good stuff. any other recommendations?

  • Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
  • The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning
  • Serve God, Save the Planet by J. Matthew Sleeth
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski


i recently discovered that vinegar is one of the best things for your hair. it is pretty amazing. after shampooing, i poured a vinegar-water solution on my hair. it made it smooth, strong, shiny. plus i have noticed that my scalp is neither itchy nor oily- even after day three.  i will never buy conditioner again.


i’m almost finished with Heroes season one. Hiro Nakamura is by far my favorite of the heroes. not only is he just as cute as a button, but he makes a truly noble hero. (actually, pretty much all of them are noble, but he is the best, in my opinion). if you haven’t watched Heroes, you definitely need to. today.


well. i better get started on my Friday evening. i’m looking forward to just hanging at home tonight.


have a happy weekend!


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wednesday night stream-of-consciousness

hello, dear friends.


another wednesday night is staring me down, or i am staring it down. either way i’m bored and i find myself wanting to type. so type, type, type. seriously, nothing really interesting to say, so just sit here and enjoy my babbling stream of consciousness.


 i’ve been having a lot of weird dreams lately (cue song “Dreams” by The Cranberries)…one in which my teeth had fallen out. i think this was one brought on by the fact that i haven’t been to a dentist in over four years (thanks, crap insurance). there has been a sensitive-ish spot in one of my back teeth for quite awhile now, and so i just learned to chew on the other side of my mouth, but now there is a sore tooth there, too. so, yeah, no wonder i had that dream. other weird dreams, too, though: i could fly (probably from watching Heroes), i was cross country skiing, i was eviscerated by a serial killer (not a good dream). ok, new topic. i’m shuddering at the memory of that last dream.


i love trees: oak trees in the Fall, pinetrees in winter, redbuds in spring, maple trees in the summer. trees tell the story of Jesus, and of our life with him. in the fall, the leaves turn blood red and die; in winter, new life stirs beneath the icy bark, but the outside appears hopeless; in spring life shoots out. screaming “I’m alive!”; in summer, the leaves are at their full glorious potential of life. in order for life to begin again, there must be death. no matter what season, though, the branches are raised, their fingery twigs pointing to their Creator, except, of course, for willows. ok. that kind of ruins my illustration. so never mind. i guess that’s what i get for trying to spiritualize trees.


time for a rant: there are roughly two kind of people that i abhor (at least for this story, anyway): people who mark in books they do not own; and holier-than-thous who cross out cuss words in said books. i’ve been reading an Anne Lamott book that i got from the library. if you’ve ever read any of Anne’s stuff, well, let’s just say she’s very candid. so a previous reader happened to cross out the word “shitty” in ink and then write above it the word “awful”, which is just not a good substitute for shitty. i mean, does a pile of steaming, rancid excrement come to your mind immediately when you hear the word awful? it just bothered me. come on person, get off your moral clydesdale, and look around you. sometimes shitty is the only appropriate word, and life is full of it. that brings me to another thought: who decided that “bad” words are bad? i think a non-bad word used negatively against another being is worse than a bad word used in a non-human-bashing context. any thoughts?




i ordered this book today. have you read it? i’m pretty excited about it- in fact, i’ve been wanting to read it for a long time now, but my library doesn’t have it. so i caved and amazoned it.






the 5th season of The Office begins tomorrow! i hope it doesn’t disappoint.


well…i got the blog-craving out of my system for the night, so i think i’m going to tuck this little keyboard into bed, and then head there myself…eventually.

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