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monday, etc.

today welcomed the first snow flurries of the season. i am thrilled!

i was supposed to work job #2 tonight, but due to some fortuitious events, i have the evening off. i will spend it reading, crosswording, listening to the melancholy George Winston “Autumn” album, eating queso with organic yellow corn chips, and wearing my fleece sweats. it’s the perfect night to hang out at home. blustery, cold, wet.

i wish i could fully capture Fall’s cozy essence on my camera. but i can’t. so i’ll leave it to this amazing lady- soulemama. i could read this blog for hours. it’s so homey.

so i’m feeling nostalgic this evening. i’m missing home terribly. oh to snuggle in the blue handmade quilt by the warm wood stove. eat a piece of my mama’s apple pie (nothing short of glorious). laugh at my dad’s corny jokes. watch the snow and leaves swirl outside. sip hot locally pressed cider. i’m learning to make my own home, but it’s still not quite like home. know what i mean? but i’ll keep working at it. for starters, i do plan to make pasta fagioli tonight. the perfect soup for a chilly, late October night. and it’s oh so healthy- with lots of vegetables and 100% whole wheat pasta.

well, time to be constructive, but first, a question:

 what’s your favorite thing about Fall?


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a lovely night

tonight i’m:

listening to the oh-so-sweet voice of Sam Cooke. no matter what kind of day i’ve had, Sam Cooke always makes me smile.

trying to take it one thing at a time this week. lots to do.

feeling cozy in my winter pajama pants and fleecey slippers.

loving the cool breeze coming in the window.

wondering why no one else has voted in my recycling poll (last post)????

wishing i were sitting in front of my parents’ wood-stove.

yenning for some hot mulled cider.

enjoying SouleMama’s blog.

fain for another Fall hike.

thankful my doctor appointment is over.

inspired by Lisa Leonard Designs



so now that you know what i’ve been up to this evening, i’m going to go do a crossword puzzle. i just love the simple joys of life! God gives us so much…why do we always associate wealth with money? oh there is so much more, indeed!

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