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my (satur)day…in pictures

this one’s for all you visual learners like me…because pictures say it better.


i give you…my saturday:




this is roughly the time i rolled out of bed…i actually woke up around 6:00, but i relished the warm sheets and cool morning for an hour or so.



nothing like Bright Eyes in the morning. i listened to this while i piddled around, ate breakfast, and got ready for the day.




my beloved ipod- the answer to a car with no CD player. i hooked this up to my trusty FM transmitter tuner cord, and listened to some favorites: Flogging Molly, The Killers, Jeff Buckley, Bright Eyes, and Eddie Vedder as i set out from home.




my day just wouldn’t be complete without it. good thing there’s a starbucks on the way to the recycling center.




this is almost what i felt like as i headed to the recycling center this morning, my car laden with over a month’s worth of recyclables. yikes! i now feel purged. (and my kitchen looks huge now!)




from the recycling center i went to trader joe’s, my own personal Mecca. i happen to have a bag just like this one that i take on my monthly trader joe’s binge. today was no exception. this bag, plus another, got loaded up with staples: Fig cereal bars, Chocolate/Vanilla Bean Cream Joe Joe’s (the healthier and more delicious nemeses of Oreos), vanilla soymilk, avocados, Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chip Rounds, frozen mangos, Preserve toothbrushes, Stash Lemon Ginger tea, and Sparkling French Berry Lemonade, to name a few. sadly, they were out of another staple: Whole Grain Flaxseed Tortillas. good thing i have a couple packs in the freezer.



i called my mom! i consider her one of my best friends…is that weird?




i read one of my latest reads. it is hilarious. period.




i snacked on these- my current favorite snacky food. an all natural, heart healthy, fiber-full (3 grams!), and more delicious alternative to Doritos. unfortunately, they are rather expensive, and only come in a small bag. (and it is very easy to eat an entire bag in one sitting!)




i watched some episodes of this-my latest addiction. i’ve been getting the discs from the library. what a great show!



i listened to my local classical radio station while i did a crossword puzzle from the weekly local arts/entertainment paper. pure bliss.



i made a batch of quesadillas- with roasted corn, black beans, garlic, onions, bell peppers, serrano peppers, mexican blend cheese, cumin, oregano, and whole grain flaxseed tortillas. delicious!




Warm Apple Crisp is the perfect scent for a cool Fall evening!




i had a cup of organic green tea.




watched this



and then…..


i went to sleep. (i wish it was in this bed!)



so that was my day in pictures. it was a good day.


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