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christmas time is…here?

confession time: i loaded all my christmas music onto my ipod today.

bad, bad me.

i am trying to wait until the day after thanksgiving to get out the christmas decorations, but it’s so hard. i am the christmas girl. born in december. there was never any hope.

it’s a lovely dark november day, cold with gray skies. i’ve been looking out the windows often, hoping to see snow.

for now i’ll just listen to vince guaraldi in an attempt to sate my appetite.

if that’s possible.


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my favorite things

it’s the perfect day: cool, rainy, autumnally delicious. i am perfectly and utterly, incandescently happy.

it’s been a productive, but relaxing day for me. earlier this morning, i went to the library and did some grocery shopping (including Trader Joe’s!), and now, i just got back from a brisk walk with the dogs. it was wonderful to be out in the fresh, wild november air. this is the time of year that i live for. spring, summer, and blustery winter days are nice, but i am alive in the Fall.

yesterday my co-workers and i broke out into some random singing of “The Sound of Music”, and because i’ve had “My Favorite Things” going through my head now for the past 24 hours, i thought i’d list some of my favorite things, inspired by this lovely overcast day:

  • leaves: falling, fallen, wet, crunchy, in piles, of blazing colors, running through
  • birds on telephone wires
  • Poppy Seed Chicken with whole wheat noodles (i’m making it for dinner!)
  • painting on canvas (my project for tonight- a christmas present for my sister)
  • postcards from family in far-off places
  • hot mulled cider
  • Over the Rhine
  • Bigelow green tea (i’ve had a lot of green tea, but this is the best)
  • wagging tails
  • vacuum cleaners
  • snuggling under my cozy fleece blanket (sewn by my dear mama)

and without further ado, i must not spend another minute of this perfect day on the computer.

have a blessed evening dear friends.

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my tuesday: voting, dogs, and fun stuff.

i exercised my patriotic privilege today and voted. i feel that this election was the first time that i actually made an informed vote. i struggled so much this past year, trying to see from all sides. the decision i made was not an easy one, but i’m glad i did it.

and thank you to the kind stranger in front of me in line who bought my grande soy caramel macchiato at Starbucks today. i’m sure you will never read this blog, but it was so sweet of you! i guess chivalry is not dead after all. by the way, Starbucks is giving out free tall coffees today if you voted!!!!

sweetsimplebirdmy Lisa Leonard necklace arrived yesterday! i love it! she custom made a modified design just for me. it’s like this one, only a smaller pendant, since i’m rather petite. thanks, Lisa! you rock! go check out Lisa’s site and blog if you have a chance. she’s a pretty amazing woman: a wife, mom, artist, photographer, and a true lady of Faith.


 dogsitting is going better. Lab has relaxed quite a bit and even played ball with me last night. he also sleeps faithfully on the floor next to the bed. he is so sweet! it’s only confirmed my desire to have a lab of my own someday. Beagle on the other hand….yikes. his cuteness is the only thing that’s keeping him alive right now 🙂 he pulled the lid and straw off of my half full passion tea cup, thus knocking the cup and its red contents to the floor (beige carpet). i was furious with him at first, but he was so funny trying to get me to chase him with the straw in his mouth (and the lid still attached) that i ended up laughing. thank goodness for carpet cleaner.

pink-klean-kanteeni picked up a new Klean Kanteen this past weekend. i bought my other KK bottles online at www.reusablebags.com, but i happened to be browsing the camping equipment (hey, a girl can dream, right?) at a local sporting goods store, when i spotted the new Klean Kanteen model that i’ve been eyeing online for some time now. it was a few dollars more expensive in the store, but when you factor in shipping it ended up being about the same price. i got this lovely pink one. i love Klean Kanteen bottles because they are super durable and they are made of Stainless Steel, not plastic. i do have a Sigg Lifestyle Bottle that i like fairly well, but it is made of aluminum, and even though it is coated with an interior lining to prevent leaching, i’m still wary.

so that’s my life as of late.

oh, and i forgot to mention that i finished The Art of Racing in the Rain a few weeks ago. i absolutely loved it. in fact, i cried when i finished it. although there is stuff in it that i don’t really believe in (i.e. reincarnation), i thought it to be a very beautiful story, well-written and sweet. i literally had a hard time putting it down. i probably could have read it in one day if i didn’t work two jobs.

what’s going on with you today, my dear readers?


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another pleasant valley monday

election day tomorrow, and i am still struggling. arghhhh!

in happier news, it is a simply gorgeous day. Indian summer.

dogsitting has in no way ceased to be interesting. Beagle plays keep-away with my shoes (my KEENS!) and pees EVERYWHERE. Lab barks savagely at every noise. the two of them together are enough to make me want to swear off dogs forever. but the wagging tails, brown eyes, and wet noses always bring me back to earth. also a little secret: if you want to lose weight, get a dog. between the long walks trying to get your dog to poo, and chasing the dog around the house trying to retrieve your kidnapped___________________ (fill in the blank), you will be sweating off the pounds in no time.

job #2 after job #1 tonight. believe it or not, working two jobs has actually helped me make better use of my time- and helps me appreciate what little down-time i have all the more.

so that’s about the extent of my excitement.

happy day.

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in the valley of the shadow of blog humiliation

when i first started this blog, visions of sugar plum fairies danced in my head. i expected greatness. rags to riches. my meager contribution turned the “hawt post” of the day.

yeah right.

i’ve become uninspired and more than a little humiliated.

i wish i had something to say that was worth your while. but i guess i don’t.

sorry about that.

my original intent was writing for the sake of writing. now it’s how many (or how little) hits my site gets a day.

all this to say:

if you read my blog, fine.

if you don’t read it, fine.


i’m still going to write.


really, i’m just putting this out there for me, a sort of blogging rite of passage.


good night, dear readers (if i have any).

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monday, etc.

today welcomed the first snow flurries of the season. i am thrilled!

i was supposed to work job #2 tonight, but due to some fortuitious events, i have the evening off. i will spend it reading, crosswording, listening to the melancholy George Winston “Autumn” album, eating queso with organic yellow corn chips, and wearing my fleece sweats. it’s the perfect night to hang out at home. blustery, cold, wet.

i wish i could fully capture Fall’s cozy essence on my camera. but i can’t. so i’ll leave it to this amazing lady- soulemama. i could read this blog for hours. it’s so homey.

so i’m feeling nostalgic this evening. i’m missing home terribly. oh to snuggle in the blue handmade quilt by the warm wood stove. eat a piece of my mama’s apple pie (nothing short of glorious). laugh at my dad’s corny jokes. watch the snow and leaves swirl outside. sip hot locally pressed cider. i’m learning to make my own home, but it’s still not quite like home. know what i mean? but i’ll keep working at it. for starters, i do plan to make pasta fagioli tonight. the perfect soup for a chilly, late October night. and it’s oh so healthy- with lots of vegetables and 100% whole wheat pasta.

well, time to be constructive, but first, a question:

 what’s your favorite thing about Fall?

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i chased joy

i chased joy today. i ran as fast as my little legs would go. the world is a cold wind on some days, and the asphalt has potholes. today was such a day. but i kept running. i saw it ahead. i wouldn’t stop, couldn’t stop.

i ran and ran, and with a big smile on my face, one final lunge, i grabbed onto joy and pulled it to my heart. i looked at it in my hands, all sparkly and new.

i laughed and threw it up in the air and danced as it swirled, glittering around me, falling on me, making me all sparkly and new, too.


thank you for your joy, Jesus. there is nothing like it.



oh, and i paid $2.25/gallon for gas. yea!

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