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my favorite things

it’s the perfect day: cool, rainy, autumnally delicious. i am perfectly and utterly, incandescently happy.

it’s been a productive, but relaxing day for me. earlier this morning, i went to the library and did some grocery shopping (including Trader Joe’s!), and now, i just got back from a brisk walk with the dogs. it was wonderful to be out in the fresh, wild november air. this is the time of year that i live for. spring, summer, and blustery winter days are nice, but i am alive in the Fall.

yesterday my co-workers and i broke out into some random singing of “The Sound of Music”, and because i’ve had “My Favorite Things” going through my head now for the past 24 hours, i thought i’d list some of my favorite things, inspired by this lovely overcast day:

  • leaves: falling, fallen, wet, crunchy, in piles, of blazing colors, running through
  • birds on telephone wires
  • Poppy Seed Chicken with whole wheat noodles (i’m making it for dinner!)
  • painting on canvas (my project for tonight- a christmas present for my sister)
  • postcards from family in far-off places
  • hot mulled cider
  • Over the Rhine
  • Bigelow green tea (i’ve had a lot of green tea, but this is the best)
  • wagging tails
  • vacuum cleaners
  • snuggling under my cozy fleece blanket (sewn by my dear mama)

and without further ado, i must not spend another minute of this perfect day on the computer.

have a blessed evening dear friends.


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