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in the throes of thursday

sorry for the corny title. i couldn’t come up with anything better, and i actually wasn’t going for alliteration. i just like the word “throes” and it happens to be thursday. so there.


one of my favorite quirky things to do is sit at the counter at Bob Evans and strike up conversations with the crusty old men. they are absolutely hilarious! many of them have governmental conspiracy theories (i happen to be a bit of a conspiracy theorist myself) so it is rarely ever boring. as a little girl, i always wanted my family to sit at the counter, but we never did. so now it’s one of my guilty pleasures- black coffee, eggs over easy, sausage links, wheat toast, and conversations with funny old men. you should try it sometime.


i love driving on cold october mornings listening to Elliott Smith (such as i did today). i always think about the final scene in the movie Good Will Hunting where Will (Matt Damon) heads out from Boston to California to “go see about a girl” (Minnie Driver). the Elliott Smith song “Miss Misery (Early Version)” is playing as he drives off into the misty morning. i love that scene. i think about it everytime i listen to the song.


lately i seem to be dealing with a case of insomnia. i really want to sleep, i just can’t. i tried to go to bed at 9:30 last night, but i struggled for over an hour before i decided to just “call the whole thing off” and putter around for a while. i just hope my insomnia doesn’t land me in Al Pacino’s position. that movie just about drove me nuts. on the other hand, maybe watching it again would make me tired enough to fall asleep.






my weekend begins this afternoon. i am so ready for it. no big plans, just need to rest my brain.


it was sadly revealed to me that there will be no new episode of The Office tonight due to the vice presidential debate. i probably should actually watch the debate, but i will be too bitter.


did anybody watch the Palin/Couric skit on SNL last Saturday? i thought it was hilarious since i actually had watched the original interview earlier in the week. both Poehler and Fey did a good job. i wish i could say the same about the McCain/Obama debate skit. NBC certainly is biased- and even though i am not a fan of McCain, i thought they took it too far. if you saw it you may know what i mean. why can’t we all just get along? oh if only we lived in a perfect world with no need for political crap. a girl can dream.


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on abortion

please read ahead with an open and unjudgmental mind.

tonight i have been thinking on the topic of abortion. a random (and rather morbid) thing to be thinking about, i know. but nonetheless….

i was raised in a staunchly republican household. pro-choice was never an option for me to even consider. i was taught that life is sacred. and yet, somehow, my parents upheld war and the death penalty. (but i’m not going to get into that one tonight.) i was taught that women who had abortions were selfish and stupid, that they were murderers.

in trying to become my own woman, though, with my own beliefs, thoughts, opinions, i am rethinking and restructuring everything i ever was and was taught.

is abortion wrong? is it wrong for a follower of Jesus, like me, to even consider to support abortion? that is what i’ve been trying to determine.

what spurred this blog post was a book i have recently read: Grace Eventually, by Anne Lamott. in one chapter of the book, Anne addresses her stance on abortion. she is every bit pro-choice as my family was pro-life. upon reflection of the topic of abortion during a panel discussion, Anne writes:

 I thought about the photo op where President Bush had signed legislation limiting abortion rights, surrounded by nine self-righteous white married males, who had forced God knows how many girlfriends into doing God knows what…….The most important message I can carry and fight for is the sacredness of each human life, and reproductive rights for all women are a crucial part of that. It is a moral necessity that we not be forced to bring children into the world for whom we cannot be responsible and adoring and present. We must not inflict life on children who will be resented; we must not inflict unwanted children on society.”

i have to say that she brings up a very interesting point. after i read that i just sat in silence, feeling the evening breeze come in the window, cross the room, and rustle through my hair, me wrestling with my heart and everything i’ve ever believed. a woman’s choice of abortion is definitely not an easy choice. it is one that will likely affect her emotionally, and perhaps physically, for the rest of her life. it is one she makes with a heavy heart, bearing a burden no person should ever have to bear. it is not a choice that, as Anne writes, a white, wealthy married male with 3.2 kids and a suburban house with a white picket fence should be the one to make. he will never be in that position. as i thought about what i just read, i began to talk outloud to God: What do you think, God? What would you tell me if you were sitting on the couch, sipping a beer, conversing with me right now? Is it more cruel to bring a child into this harsh world than to have an abortion?  the more i talked, streams of tears began to curl out of my eyes. my heart became heavy. i tried to imagine myself facing the choice to have an abortion. what would i do?  if i had no money, if i had HIV-AIDS, if i were scared, if i had no one to talk to, if i were raped???? surely a man should not be the one to make this decision. when does life really begin? when does a child get her soul?  suddenly i thought of the story in the Bible (Luke 1:39-56) where Elizabeth, pregnant with a baby who will become John the Baptist, says to Mary, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the child you will bear! But why am I so favored, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? As  soon as the sound of your greeting reached my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy.”


and then i had my answer.


i will never judge a woman who has had an abortion. i will support her. i will put myself in her shoes. i will be Jesus to her. i will not throw stones. i will draw lines in the sand and wait for all of her accusers to leave. and i hope everyone of you would do the same.

 but for me, personally, abortion is not an option, will never be an option. i would have the baby, even if just to give her to a loving family who could give her the life she deserved.

because she has rights, too.

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my voting struggles

so this election year i am really struggling with which way to vote. i have been talking with God a lot, trying to get a feel for the right choice. He’s not exactly telling me.

i didn’t go through this during last election because i pretty much just voted the way i knew my friends and family wanted. but this time i have really been thinking, researching, praying, etc. early on, i was set on one candidate, and then when i faced opposition, i switched (i hate to admit this). and then i was set on another candidate, and now i’m still not so sure. i mean, how do you choose the perfect person when there is no perfect person? people have told me i should vote for person who shares the same “values and morals” that i have. and well, that’s where it gets tricky for me. you see, just because i believe one way, doesn’t mean that that is the best way for the country. for instance, if i took a stand opposing gay marriage, will it really solve anything? people will still be gay, whether i vote against it or not. it will only result to hurt people and alienate them even further from those darn conservative evangelicals, who i’m sure want to keep it that way. and if i were to vote for making abortion illegal, which i am adamantly against, that wouldn’t mean women would automatically stop getting abortions. no, they would probably have abortions in vans down by the river and thus run the risk of getting a disease or life-threatening complications. i’m not saying i want abortion to continue, but again maybe there is a better way than some political agenda.

i have been struggling with these issues and many more. which is why i was elated when i read this passage in Donald Miller’s Searching for God Knows What. read:

To be honest, I think most Christians…want to love people and obey God but feel they have to wage a culture war. But this isn’t the case at all. Remember, we are not elbowing for power in the lifeboat. God’s kingdom isn’t here on earth. And I believe you will find Jesus in the hearts of even the most militant Christians, moving them to love people, and it is only their egos, and the voice of Satan, that cause them to demean the lost. What we must do in these instances is listen to our consciences, and allow Scripture to instruct us about morality and methodology.       (p. 188)

i wholeheartedly agree.

sadly, i am still no where close to making a decision. i want to be able to actually say on nov. 4 that i counted all the costs and i voted for the person who i feel is the best, even if i get called a donkey (which i actually have) or an elephant or a tree hugger or a bleeding heart liberal or a stick-in-the-mud conservative (God, i hope not). no matter what i am called by other people “elbowing their way in the lifeboat” as Miller says, Jesus still loves me. and i still love Him.

happy voting, everyone!

any thoughts, advice?

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my turn on the soapbox, revised


i am not a republican. i am not a democrat. maybe i’m a little bit of both.


i am pro-life, pro-people, pro-peace, pro-God.


i am a woman. i’m for women and for every single life. but i will not pretend to understand the shoes that some people have to wear. i will not judge. i will love.


i am anti-racism and anti-prejudice. i am anti-war and anti-terrorism- especially if my country is the terrorist.


i am sick of politics. i am sick of people trying to sway me one way or another. i am sick of campaigns and agendas.


i will pay taxes. i will give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. i will not complain about gas prices. it is my choice to have a car, right?


i will be for the environment. i will be for america. i will be for the world. i will be for the underdog. i will be for people. i will be for Jesus.


i will go the way God made me to go. even if it’s the opposite of everyone else and i get trampled.


and i will get off my soapbox now.

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