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go natural…

i’ll try to keep this brief. i blogged recently about how i’ve given up makeup this past year (see Happy to Be Me)- this also goes for the conventional personal products on the market today.  through the help of www.cosmeticsdatabase.com , i’ve switched to more environmentally/people friendly personal care products, such as:

i have already noticed a difference in switching to natural products- especially with the Burt’s Bees shampoo. my theory is that the conventional shampoos i was using have ingredients that dried out my scalp- thus making it produce more oil. i can now go a couple days in between hair washings before it gets greasy!

and overall, the best “beauty” products that you can give your body are exercise, water, lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, and sleep. so don’t spend your money on Clinique. age gracefully- and healthily.


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