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my tuesday: voting, dogs, and fun stuff.

i exercised my patriotic privilege today and voted. i feel that this election was the first time that i actually made an informed vote. i struggled so much this past year, trying to see from all sides. the decision i made was not an easy one, but i’m glad i did it.

and thank you to the kind stranger in front of me in line who bought my grande soy caramel macchiato at Starbucks today. i’m sure you will never read this blog, but it was so sweet of you! i guess chivalry is not dead after all. by the way, Starbucks is giving out free tall coffees today if you voted!!!!

sweetsimplebirdmy Lisa Leonard necklace arrived yesterday! i love it! she custom made a modified design just for me. it’s like this one, only a smaller pendant, since i’m rather petite. thanks, Lisa! you rock! go check out Lisa’s site and blog if you have a chance. she’s a pretty amazing woman: a wife, mom, artist, photographer, and a true lady of Faith.


 dogsitting is going better. Lab has relaxed quite a bit and even played ball with me last night. he also sleeps faithfully on the floor next to the bed. he is so sweet! it’s only confirmed my desire to have a lab of my own someday. Beagle on the other hand….yikes. his cuteness is the only thing that’s keeping him alive right now 🙂 he pulled the lid and straw off of my half full passion tea cup, thus knocking the cup and its red contents to the floor (beige carpet). i was furious with him at first, but he was so funny trying to get me to chase him with the straw in his mouth (and the lid still attached) that i ended up laughing. thank goodness for carpet cleaner.

pink-klean-kanteeni picked up a new Klean Kanteen this past weekend. i bought my other KK bottles online at www.reusablebags.com, but i happened to be browsing the camping equipment (hey, a girl can dream, right?) at a local sporting goods store, when i spotted the new Klean Kanteen model that i’ve been eyeing online for some time now. it was a few dollars more expensive in the store, but when you factor in shipping it ended up being about the same price. i got this lovely pink one. i love Klean Kanteen bottles because they are super durable and they are made of Stainless Steel, not plastic. i do have a Sigg Lifestyle Bottle that i like fairly well, but it is made of aluminum, and even though it is coated with an interior lining to prevent leaching, i’m still wary.

so that’s my life as of late.

oh, and i forgot to mention that i finished The Art of Racing in the Rain a few weeks ago. i absolutely loved it. in fact, i cried when i finished it. although there is stuff in it that i don’t really believe in (i.e. reincarnation), i thought it to be a very beautiful story, well-written and sweet. i literally had a hard time putting it down. i probably could have read it in one day if i didn’t work two jobs.

what’s going on with you today, my dear readers?



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a lovely night

tonight i’m:

listening to the oh-so-sweet voice of Sam Cooke. no matter what kind of day i’ve had, Sam Cooke always makes me smile.

trying to take it one thing at a time this week. lots to do.

feeling cozy in my winter pajama pants and fleecey slippers.

loving the cool breeze coming in the window.

wondering why no one else has voted in my recycling poll (last post)????

wishing i were sitting in front of my parents’ wood-stove.

yenning for some hot mulled cider.

enjoying SouleMama’s blog.

fain for another Fall hike.

thankful my doctor appointment is over.

inspired by Lisa Leonard Designs



so now that you know what i’ve been up to this evening, i’m going to go do a crossword puzzle. i just love the simple joys of life! God gives us so much…why do we always associate wealth with money? oh there is so much more, indeed!

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