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rainy days and wednesdays always get me down

yeah, i know that’s not how the song goes. and i’m not actually “down”, per se. alright, so sue me if i wanted a more creative title than “it’s wednesday and i can’t think of a good title because…well, a lot of things actually.” wow. did i actually go on that long? and i’m still doing it..

it’s been a busy last few weeks. lots of working, traveling, saying goodbyes, emotional drainage, yada, yada. my dear sister, her husband, and their 3 small children are moving to the DC area next month. i am so heartbroken!

ok…so i guess i am down.


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so today i saw a boy riding a unicycle while walking two chocolate labs. yeah. it was awesome.

finally found some black and white 620 film for my vintage Argus Super Seventy Five (circa 1958). i’m terribly excited to get out there and start shooting. next week i’ll have the perfect photo opp. as i’m heading up for a visit to my parents. lots of lovely trees and rustic barns to capture. i’m hoping for some sunny days since i currently do not have flash bulb for the camera. apparently they are dangerous, or so i’m told…

new pillow = no more sore neck. i am ecstatic. i guess it just goes to show that expensive does not always mean better. this $8.99 Target Bamboo/Cotton pillow is so showing up the $30.00 department store one i’ve had for a couple years.

blue skies today and no snow. had March weather yesterday. hope that’s over now.

i’ve been watching Lost for the first time. i’m addicted. i’m on disc 6 of season 1. it’s soo good. but there are a lot of things that bug me. mainly, if there are 48 survivors, why do we only know about the lives of, like, 10 people? that has always bugged me about tv shows and sitcoms. but it just seems even weirder when it happens on a deserted island…

buds opening in the forest undergrowth. it looks like green mist seeping through the trees. love it!

and that’s my magic today.



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Jesus nirvana

i’m sure that with this long hiatus, many of my readers have flown the coop. not that i had that many readers to begin with…

but here i am again, nonetheless. who knows for how long i’ll be here again…or how long my next blog hiatus will be.

i’ve had a rocky few months.

but i have discovered so much more about grace. 

i don’t say that to mean that my rocky few months have been spent cussing like a sailor and drinking like a fish, and therefore i needed the grace of God. i need grace ALL the freakin’ time. because whether i’m doing “big stuff” or “little stuff” (how in the heck did we come up with a sin ranking system?) without Jesus, i’m a miserable little shit before God. period.

i remember my professor in college telling me that the way to be saved is not praying a prayer to ask Jesus in to your heart. it’s the understanding of God’s grace through Jesus in our lives and our total need and dependence on it, and only it. not in what we do, but everything about what He has already done.

the past few months God has revealed himself to me in ways that are mindblowing and inexplicable (or unexplainable?). living in a total God moment and feeling the grace that can only come from him at a time when i needed it the most. and there were no doubts, no questions, no nothing. except for pure, childlike wonder and innocence that God had lifted me up and given me the strength to get through a really tough day.

i used to be the kind of person who thought i needed to read my Bible and pray every day and read Spiritual books and shop in the Christian bookstores so that i could make God happy.

and i’m in no way down-playing those things. they are great. and important (maybe not the Christian bookstores so much…)

but if i try to “get it right” for God, it will never, ever be enough.

i guess i don’t know what else to say. everything is coming out sounding cliched. but how do you explain Jesus nirvana? once you experience it, you know.

and this is not just some mountaintop experience. this is real. this is God. all the time. whether i’m having the worst day or the best day. it doesn’t change. God loves me. just the way i am. where i am. what i am.

so whatever a worthless pile of doo doo you are, it doesn’t matter. Jesus thinks you’re pretty awesome. let him forgive you, and then forgive yourself.


and that’s all i have.


off to a Lost marathon, matcha green tea, and perhaps some chocolate.


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from the aqua tea kettle, whistling me into the kitchen to brew my green tea.

from my breath as i walked to the mailbox. it’s 18 degrees.

from the hot bath i drew this morning. the perfect excuse to break into my Trader Joe’s Grapefruit & Chamomille Salt Scrub.





on the trees like a Currier & Ives print





falling again

writing poetry on the the ground

in my eyes reflecting

a real-life snowglobe



i love winter.

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Christmas in January!

it’s true. in 5-7 days, it will be Christmas again! in the past couple of days, i have ordered a bunch of stuff online. not all for me, mind you. a baby shower present for my niece, stuff for care-packages to send to my sisters and mom,  and well, ok, some stuff for me.

so here’s what i’ve been up to, internet shopping speaking:







you readers no doubt have heard of Amazon and Old Navy, but you must check out the other sites as well. lots of fun stuff!

what are your favorite online shopping haunts?

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christmas time is…here?

confession time: i loaded all my christmas music onto my ipod today.

bad, bad me.

i am trying to wait until the day after thanksgiving to get out the christmas decorations, but it’s so hard. i am the christmas girl. born in december. there was never any hope.

it’s a lovely dark november day, cold with gray skies. i’ve been looking out the windows often, hoping to see snow.

for now i’ll just listen to vince guaraldi in an attempt to sate my appetite.

if that’s possible.

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If a Song Could be President

i know the election is over, but tonight i’ve been listening to one of my favorite Over the Rhine songs: “If a Song Could be President”. call me an idealist, but maybe in 2012? oh if only.

if you’ve never heard this song, you must get your listening ears on it. for now enjoy the lyrics (courtesy of www.overtherhine.com)


“If a Song Could be President”– from Over the Rhine’s The Trumpet Child

If a song could be president
We’d hum on Election Day
The gospel choir would start to sway
And we’d all have a part to play

The first lady would free her hips
Pull a microphone to her lips
Break our hearts with Rhythm and Blues
Steve Earle would anchor the news

We’d vote for a melody
Pass it around on an MP3
All our best foreign policy
Would be built on harmony

If a song could be president
We’d fly a jukebox to the moon
All our founding fathers’ 45’s
Lightnin’ Hopkins and Patsy Cline
If a song could be president

If a song could be president
We could all add another verse
Life would teach us to rehearse
Till we found a key change

Break out of this minor key
Half-truths and hypocrisy
We wouldn’t need an underachiever-in-chief
If a song could be president

We’d make Neil Young a Senator
Even though he came from Canada
Emmylou would be Ambassador
World leaders would listen to her

They would show us where our country went wrong
Strum their guitars on the White House lawn
John Prine would run the FBI
All the criminals would laugh and cry
If a song could be president

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