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friday miscellaneous

the weather has turned sharply autumnal today and i’m feeling rather introspective, in a good way. the air is cool, the sky gray with only hints of blue, and leaves are skittering across the pavement outside. i have some nice melancholy music playing: Rosanne Cash, Over the Rhine, and George Winston. and i’ve got my coffee. it’s a good thing (sorry, i couldn’t help the Martha Stewart reference there).


i saw a hippie today. he was riding his bike, his frizzy, long hair blowing behind him, save for the part that was held down by the string tied around the circumference of his head. he wore a flannel shirt with a tan suede vest. and a backpack. he was pedaling fast, probably trying to get from the 60’s to the 70’s. i’m not writing about him to mock him. actually i respect him. i wish,  for one, that i had a bike, and two, that i would be brave enough to ride it on major highways. seriously, life would be much simpler if everyone rode bikes, instead of driving cars. granted, it would take longer to get places and we would have to be creative come grocery shopping time. but think about it: less to go wrong with your vehicle. no pollution from cars, no obesity. aahhh. i can dream.


 tonight i plan to make a big batch of pasta e fagioli (it tastes just like the Olive Garden version!). it’s such a healthy meal- lots of vegetables (i omit the meat), plus i use whole wheat pasta. and the soup freezes well. i can’t wait. it will go great with this lovely fall weather. now all i need is rain to make my night complete. i simply adore rain. (seriously, i would love to live in the Pacific Northwest).





i picked up the first season of Dexter from the library after a friend highly recommended it. i’m excited about it, though i’ve heard it is rather bloody.





so here’s my latest reading queue. some good stuff. any other recommendations?

  • Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
  • The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning
  • Serve God, Save the Planet by J. Matthew Sleeth
  • The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski


i recently discovered that vinegar is one of the best things for your hair. it is pretty amazing. after shampooing, i poured a vinegar-water solution on my hair. it made it smooth, strong, shiny. plus i have noticed that my scalp is neither itchy nor oily- even after day three.  i will never buy conditioner again.


i’m almost finished with Heroes season one. Hiro Nakamura is by far my favorite of the heroes. not only is he just as cute as a button, but he makes a truly noble hero. (actually, pretty much all of them are noble, but he is the best, in my opinion). if you haven’t watched Heroes, you definitely need to. today.


well. i better get started on my Friday evening. i’m looking forward to just hanging at home tonight.


have a happy weekend!


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my (satur)day…in pictures

this one’s for all you visual learners like me…because pictures say it better.


i give you…my saturday:




this is roughly the time i rolled out of bed…i actually woke up around 6:00, but i relished the warm sheets and cool morning for an hour or so.



nothing like Bright Eyes in the morning. i listened to this while i piddled around, ate breakfast, and got ready for the day.




my beloved ipod- the answer to a car with no CD player. i hooked this up to my trusty FM transmitter tuner cord, and listened to some favorites: Flogging Molly, The Killers, Jeff Buckley, Bright Eyes, and Eddie Vedder as i set out from home.




my day just wouldn’t be complete without it. good thing there’s a starbucks on the way to the recycling center.




this is almost what i felt like as i headed to the recycling center this morning, my car laden with over a month’s worth of recyclables. yikes! i now feel purged. (and my kitchen looks huge now!)




from the recycling center i went to trader joe’s, my own personal Mecca. i happen to have a bag just like this one that i take on my monthly trader joe’s binge. today was no exception. this bag, plus another, got loaded up with staples: Fig cereal bars, Chocolate/Vanilla Bean Cream Joe Joe’s (the healthier and more delicious nemeses of Oreos), vanilla soymilk, avocados, Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla Chip Rounds, frozen mangos, Preserve toothbrushes, Stash Lemon Ginger tea, and Sparkling French Berry Lemonade, to name a few. sadly, they were out of another staple: Whole Grain Flaxseed Tortillas. good thing i have a couple packs in the freezer.



i called my mom! i consider her one of my best friends…is that weird?




i read one of my latest reads. it is hilarious. period.




i snacked on these- my current favorite snacky food. an all natural, heart healthy, fiber-full (3 grams!), and more delicious alternative to Doritos. unfortunately, they are rather expensive, and only come in a small bag. (and it is very easy to eat an entire bag in one sitting!)




i watched some episodes of this-my latest addiction. i’ve been getting the discs from the library. what a great show!



i listened to my local classical radio station while i did a crossword puzzle from the weekly local arts/entertainment paper. pure bliss.



i made a batch of quesadillas- with roasted corn, black beans, garlic, onions, bell peppers, serrano peppers, mexican blend cheese, cumin, oregano, and whole grain flaxseed tortillas. delicious!




Warm Apple Crisp is the perfect scent for a cool Fall evening!




i had a cup of organic green tea.




watched this



and then…..


i went to sleep. (i wish it was in this bed!)



so that was my day in pictures. it was a good day.

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go natural…

i’ll try to keep this brief. i blogged recently about how i’ve given up makeup this past year (see Happy to Be Me)- this also goes for the conventional personal products on the market today.  through the help of www.cosmeticsdatabase.com , i’ve switched to more environmentally/people friendly personal care products, such as:

i have already noticed a difference in switching to natural products- especially with the Burt’s Bees shampoo. my theory is that the conventional shampoos i was using have ingredients that dried out my scalp- thus making it produce more oil. i can now go a couple days in between hair washings before it gets greasy!

and overall, the best “beauty” products that you can give your body are exercise, water, lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, and sleep. so don’t spend your money on Clinique. age gracefully- and healthily.

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happy to be me

during this past year, i made a decision to flat out stop wearing make-up. this was not exactly easy for me-even though i didn’t wear a whole lot to start with, but it has been one of the most freeing experiences ever. one of my reasons for doing so was that i found that most conventional cosmetics contain some really bad stuff- and not only that- the production of it can have some negative effects on the environment, not to mention most companies do animal testing. i asked myself why i was bringing potential harm to myself just to look the way society thinks i should look, which was my next reason for quitting.

i have this friend who is probably one of the most impeccably dressed and groomed women i have ever known. i am not kidding. her hair is always sprayed to perfection, her lipstick (which somehow never gets on her teeth) matches her clothes, which match her shoes, which match her purse, which matches her toenails. it’s such a vicious cycle that it is actually almost ridiculous. i’m a much more care-free dresser. i have never been a big one for fancy clothes- the only expensive articles of clothing i have are a North Face jacket and a pair of Merrell boots.  i do like to shop, but i don’t do malls or department stores. Target usually suffices for all my wardrobe needs. it’s kind of scary…i’m almost like – gasp – a guy. so yes, needless to say that i usually feel pretty dumpy in my friend’s presence. but this all changed one day when i stopped by her house. a strange woman came to the door. as i got closer, i realized that it was, in fact ,my friend, only without her face on. it was almost horrifying. her make-up literally makes her look 10 years younger than she actually is. without it, her lips were pale, she had bags under her eyes and wrinkles all over her face, her eyes looked shriveled and small, and even her hair was flat and looked due for a color touch-up. of course, she never emerges from the house looking like this. it’s not that she wasn’t still pretty, it’s just that she usually looks like a paint-by-numbers picture. i felt in that instant that i really didn’t know my friend at all, she was hiding who she really was. and i felt really sad for her.

i realized then and there that i wanted people to see the real me all the time. i don’t want people to wonder where my face went. there is no reason for me to hide. God made me who i am, and even if nobody else finds me beautiful, i know that God does. i would much rather be able to stand in the rain without mascara running down my face, to eat a popsicle without wondering whether my lipstick is coming off, to finger pick my guitar with no worry that my nail polish is going to chip, to run and be able to sweat (i love to sweat).

i’ll admit-it was hard at first, to go out looking like casper the ghost. i had some insecurities to work through. i know i’ll never be a goddess, but now i am just happy to be me.

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