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monday, etc.

today welcomed the first snow flurries of the season. i am thrilled!

i was supposed to work job #2 tonight, but due to some fortuitious events, i have the evening off. i will spend it reading, crosswording, listening to the melancholy George Winston “Autumn” album, eating queso with organic yellow corn chips, and wearing my fleece sweats. it’s the perfect night to hang out at home. blustery, cold, wet.

i wish i could fully capture Fall’s cozy essence on my camera. but i can’t. so i’ll leave it to this amazing lady- soulemama. i could read this blog for hours. it’s so homey.

so i’m feeling nostalgic this evening. i’m missing home terribly. oh to snuggle in the blue handmade quilt by the warm wood stove. eat a piece of my mama’s apple pie (nothing short of glorious). laugh at my dad’s corny jokes. watch the snow and leaves swirl outside. sip hot locally pressed cider. i’m learning to make my own home, but it’s still not quite like home. know what i mean? but i’ll keep working at it. for starters, i do plan to make pasta fagioli tonight. the perfect soup for a chilly, late October night. and it’s oh so healthy- with lots of vegetables and 100% whole wheat pasta.

well, time to be constructive, but first, a question:

 what’s your favorite thing about Fall?


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sun. afternoon thoughts

today i skipped church and went to starbucks instead. bad me. i still love Jesus. i just get sick of pretending everything’s hunky dory in my life with other people who are also pretending. it’s so shallow. i need raw, honest community where people aren’t afraid to show their true selves- the good, bad, and the ugly. i’ve tried to find this kind of community, but i’ve failed, and it’s pretty discouraging. i wish there was a church more like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (i’ve never actually been to one, but I’ve seen enough movies and television to guess…)


i found the coziest brown pull-over sweater at Target this afternoon. it is soft and a looser style- like something an old man would wear. it makes me think of Fall hikes, cozy evenings with coffee and a good book, and campfires. exciting day for me! (pathetic that a sweater makes me this ecstatic)


speaking of good books- i am LOVING my latest read: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. it is very interesting- written through the perspective of a dog. i can’t put it down for long. and that reminds me. i want a dog in the worst way. i am partial to boxer mixes and labs, but when the time comes i will probably go to the humane society and fall in love with the first dog i see. but for now i am waiting for a more ideal living situation for a dog (small apartments and big dogs do not work together). and until then i live vicariously through all my friends with dogs. (in fact i dog-sit a lot, if people want to pay me money to play with their dogs, i’m not going to complain).


i caved and purchased a pair of Merrell hiking shoes today. i probably shouldn’t have, but i have been itching to get out for a hike/trail run and my old sneaks just weren’t cutting it. my new ones are lightweight, waterproof, Gore-Tex lined, and have excellent traction for those slick rocks on the trail. (not to mention they happen to be super cute, too. score!)




well…hunger draws nigh. so good day.

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