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give me the simple life (but not the one with paris & nicole)

tonight i’m enjoying a quiet evening at home with some Bach and a 1,000 piece puzzle. i must sound like an old woman, but in truth, it really is great. i used to be obsessed with the television. i had to have it on all the time- to the point that it was actually quite exhausting. but this past year i challenged myself to read more, and i have since gotten out of habit of turning the tv on. in fact, i couldn’t tell you what is even airing these days (although, i confess that i do know when The Office season premier is). that’s not to say that i don’t watch the tv at all, though…i do watch an assortment of dvds: movies, tv shows, documentaries- most of which i get from the library. the thing is, i’ve noticed that i get bored more easily if i am watching something, and i usually have to turn the tv off half way through whatever i’m watching and i read, clean, attempt to be artistic, or just piddle around instead.

i’m not saying all this to sound “holier-than-thou” or uber-intelligent (actually i feel like a geek), it’s just nice to know that i can live without tv. as a little girl i was absolutely obsessed with the Little House on the Prairie books, i even liked the show, too, but it didn’t always get it quite right (they never do). i always pretended that i was Laura. i would make a “covered wagon” with a large blanket draped over the dining room chairs. my grammy even made me a pioneer dress to wear to school on halloween when i was in third grade. i really wanted to live in pioneer times- and i’ll admit that that hasn’t changed too much. i know that it would be hard work, but when isn’t there hard work in life? it would just be nice to live off the land, to depend on God and my own two hands, and not on money and society.

a couple months ago i watched the movie Into the Wild, based on the true story of Christopher McCandless, written by Jon Krakauer. without divulging too much about it, there is a lot of sadness in that movie, but yet there is still a lot of joy and meaning. Chris McCandless wanted a life free from the greed and materialistic tendencies of Society. i totally think he got that part right. his story is inspiring in many ways- to break free of Society’s standards. if you’ve got time, watch the movie, read the book, and definitely listen to the soundtrack featuring Eddie Vedder (from Pearl Jam)- especially the song “Society”.

i guess i’ve rambled as usual. sorry about that. i guess i just want to say that sometimes simpler is better in life, to not always have to keep up with the latest shows, buy the newest gimmick (which is usually advertised during said shows), etc., etc.

so, i think i’ll shut up now and get back to my puzzle.


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