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in the valley of the shadow of blog humiliation

when i first started this blog, visions of sugar plum fairies danced in my head. i expected greatness. rags to riches. my meager contribution turned the “hawt post” of the day.

yeah right.

i’ve become uninspired and more than a little humiliated.

i wish i had something to say that was worth your while. but i guess i don’t.

sorry about that.

my original intent was writing for the sake of writing. now it’s how many (or how little) hits my site gets a day.

all this to say:

if you read my blog, fine.

if you don’t read it, fine.


i’m still going to write.


really, i’m just putting this out there for me, a sort of blogging rite of passage.


good night, dear readers (if i have any).


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