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on love

oh gee. where to start.

this mystical, magical misunderstood thing we all search for.

Society (and of course, by society i mean those shamefully guilty-pleasure movies to which we girls all flock) says that finding love is making the right choice, finding the right person.

but i beg to differ.

love is not making the right choice. it is simply making the choice.

“For God so loved the world…”

why on earth (or HOW on earth) could we ever see ourselves as the right choice for God? He is perfect. so wonderful. if anything, he made the wrong choice in choosing us. we who can never, ever love him as much as he loves us. we who whore ourselves out to anything and everything. all the freaking time. i’m not sure i could deal with being married to someone who didn’t love me as much as i loved him.

so take it from God and choose love.

it is not easy, it is messy, it is painful, it very well may go against everything you want or could ever hope for.

but that’s love.


i hope all my blubbering makes sense, and that you can sift through the muck to find what i’m trying to say in my heart.

i am so grateful for the One who made the choice to love me, despite my un-rightness.



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