so today i saw a boy riding a unicycle while walking two chocolate labs. yeah. it was awesome.

finally found some black and white 620 film for my vintage Argus Super Seventy Five (circa 1958). i’m terribly excited to get out there and start shooting. next week i’ll have the perfect photo opp. as i’m heading up for a visit to my parents. lots of lovely trees and rustic barns to capture. i’m hoping for some sunny days since i currently do not have flash bulb for the camera. apparently they are dangerous, or so i’m told…

new pillow = no more sore neck. i am ecstatic. i guess it just goes to show that expensive does not always mean better. this $8.99 Target Bamboo/Cotton pillow is so showing up the $30.00 department store one i’ve had for a couple years.

blue skies today and no snow. had March weather yesterday. hope that’s over now.

i’ve been watching Lost for the first time. i’m addicted. i’m on disc 6 of season 1. it’s soo good. but there are a lot of things that bug me. mainly, if there are 48 survivors, why do we only know about the lives of, like, 10 people? that has always bugged me about tv shows and sitcoms. but it just seems even weirder when it happens on a deserted island…

buds opening in the forest undergrowth. it looks like green mist seeping through the trees. love it!

and that’s my magic today.




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2 responses to “magic

  1. ck

    any chance you’ll post some of those photos?

  2. talesofaswallow

    as soon as i find someone to develop the photos at a reasonable price- and if they turn out- i will definitely post them! thanks!

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