i’m pseudo-back

back to work for a couple days, and then off again for another week or so to celebrate Christmas for the 4th time. the fun never ends…i hope not anyway.

i wish i had something more insightful and enlightening to share, but alas, i’ve got a terribly severe case of writer’s block…so i fear you’ll just have to listen to my typo-babble:

i desperately need some snow!

eating waaay too many m&m cookies that someone brought into the office.

had a super time with my family…and looking forward to seeing them again this weekend.

homemade peppermint bark ROCKS!


ok…that’s all i got. sorry.



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2 responses to “i’m pseudo-back

  1. mike

    “typo-babble,” I’m going to use that!

  2. mike

    “typo-babble,” I’m going to use that one!

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