sunday evening post

i had every intention of painting tonight, until, due to an inspired change of course, i realized i did not have enough red paint. i did, however, get the drawing part done. looks like a trip to the art supply store is a must this week. and then i shall complete my masterpiece: a japanese cherry tree on canvas -a Christmas gift for my dear sister. (don’t worry, she doesn’t read this blog, and if she did, she already knows what she’s getting.)

so, instead of painting, i’m doing laundry and listening to Bob Dylan.

won’t be working much this week. thank goodness, as i have much to get done before i head to my parents’ next week. i can hardly believe Christmas is just over a week away. when i was a little girl it seemed as though it would be forever until Christmas. but now the time just runs through my fingers.

forgot to mention i had the most delightful birthday. went to a fabulous pub for a pint and some shepherd’s pie. amazing.

well now, must run down and put my clothes in the dryer, have some supper, and perhaps another cup of green tea. oh, and watch some good old movies: Holiday and Christmas in Connecticut. love them!

good night, friends.


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