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sunday evening post

i had every intention of painting tonight, until, due to an inspired change of course, i realized i did not have enough red paint. i did, however, get the drawing part done. looks like a trip to the art supply store is a must this week. and then i shall complete my masterpiece: a japanese cherry tree on canvas -a Christmas gift for my dear sister. (don’t worry, she doesn’t read this blog, and if she did, she already knows what she’s getting.)

so, instead of painting, i’m doing laundry and listening to Bob Dylan.

won’t be working much this week. thank goodness, as i have much to get done before i head to my parents’ next week. i can hardly believe Christmas is just over a week away. when i was a little girl it seemed as though it would be forever until Christmas. but now the time just runs through my fingers.

forgot to mention i had the most delightful birthday. went to a fabulous pub for a pint and some shepherd’s pie. amazing.

well now, must run down and put my clothes in the dryer, have some supper, and perhaps another cup of green tea. oh, and watch some good old movies: Holiday and Christmas in Connecticut. love them!

good night, friends.


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sitting home on a friday night (and loving it!)

it’s friday night and i prefer to be at home. what a loser i am…well, a happy loser, anyway.

i went grocery shopping this afternoon, but by 4:00, i was ready to shut down and curl up in the fetal position. i do not like dealing with the holiday shopping crowds. i grabbed some Chinese take-out, tuned into the classical radio station, and headed home.

now i’m enjoying a cup of hot green tea and some Christmas music.

i need to finish my Christmas cards and wrap some presents, so that’s probably what i’ll work on the rest of the night. 

what about you? how are you enjoying this cold Friday night?

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on this night…

listening to my favorite Christmas song: O Come O Come Emmanuel (Chasing Furies version). it has such a beautiful ethereality about it. and the longing and desperation it conveys! how badly we needed a Savior, and at just the right time, God brought him. presents schmesents. He is what i want.

tomorrow is my…gasp…birthday! no really big plans, but i was able to get the day off from both jobs. it will be nice.

got the down comforter with the flannel duvet out of the linen closet tonight. just in time for the 50 degree weather. go figure.


and now some Christmas photograph cheer:



i got this tin at a garage sale a couple years ago for free. i love the vintage scene and the colors. it makes me happy.

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somebody stop me!

two posts in one day! i haven’t done this in awhile.


i don’t have anything really worthwhile to say, other than hello to my faithful few readers.


listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Christmas Canon Rock!) and drinking my fifth cup of hot green tea for the day. aah. it’s nice to relax. haven’t done much of that lately.


so i’ve been perplexed lately. i wish i had more to give, personally and monetarily speaking.

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untitled (or I can’t think of a title)

haven’t much motivation for blogging these days. life is relentless, in good ways and in bad, but i’m cherishing this season that i love so much. my heart is full with love and grace and excitement to see my family! it’s all good.

here’s what i’ve been up to:

  • working (a lot)
  • making Christmas cards (i was up until 2:00 am making prototypes)
  • drinking lots of hot green tea: it’s delicious, comforting, and, hopefully, staving off these nasty little illnesses going around.
  • enjoying my Christmas decorations. oh so homey!
  • Christmas parties!
  • snuggling: my mom made me this awesome berber fleece blanket a few years ago. it’s glorious.
  • watching Christmasy movies: Meet Me in St. Louis and The Family Stone, to name a couple.
  • sitting in candlelight

and here’s what i will be doing this week, aside from the obvious “working”:

  • baking whole wheat Christmas cookies (oh sweet heaven!)
  • grocery shopping
  • making chicken burritos
  • more Christmas card making
  • painting a special project
  • a little gift shopping and then wrapping
  • reflecting

oh, and it’s official: i will be going to see Over the Rhine in just a couple weeks! yay!

so that’s my life, in 193 words

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