another pleasant valley monday

election day tomorrow, and i am still struggling. arghhhh!

in happier news, it is a simply gorgeous day. Indian summer.

dogsitting has in no way ceased to be interesting. Beagle plays keep-away with my shoes (my KEENS!) and pees EVERYWHERE. Lab barks savagely at every noise. the two of them together are enough to make me want to swear off dogs forever. but the wagging tails, brown eyes, and wet noses always bring me back to earth. also a little secret: if you want to lose weight, get a dog. between the long walks trying to get your dog to poo, and chasing the dog around the house trying to retrieve your kidnapped___________________ (fill in the blank), you will be sweating off the pounds in no time.

job #2 after job #1 tonight. believe it or not, working two jobs has actually helped me make better use of my time- and helps me appreciate what little down-time i have all the more.

so that’s about the extent of my excitement.

happy day.


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