Music Fun: My Life Soundtrack

To find your soundtrack:

1. Grab your ipod or open your computer music library (Winamp, Windows Media, itunes)

2. Put on Shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every question, type the song that’s playing

5. New question- press “Next” button

6. Don’t lie and pretend you’re cool (it’s tempting)


Here’s my life’s soundtrack (as you can see, i have an uber-diverse taste in music):


opening credits: Breakdown by Jack Johnson


waking up: Society by Eddie Vedder (from Into the Wild Soundtrack)


first day of school: Free to Be…You and Me by The New Seekers


falling in love: Recovering the Satellites by Counting Crows


breaking up: Who Will Guard the Door by Over the Rhine


prom (for the record, i never went to my prom): Witchcraft by Frank Sinatra


mental breakdown: The Small Print by Muse


driving: Any Old Wind that Blows by Johnny Cash


flashback: Black Stallion by George Winston


getting back together: The Chimbley Sweep by The Decemberists


wedding: Island on the Coast by Band of Horses


birth of a child: Too Much Between Us by George Winston


midlife crisis: You by Radiohead


final battle: If I Ever Leave this World Alive by Flogging Molly


death scene: Corns for My Country by The Andrews Sisters


funeral: Mulhaires Traditional Irish Reel by Robin Mark


end credits: Blue Eyed Saviour by The Cowboy Junkies


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