A Movie Tasting

i watch a lot of movies, the majority of which come from the library (i rent only as a last resort and only occasionally do i actually see one at the theater). this means i’m often seeing for the first time movies that everyone else watched years ago. but i’m ok with that. so without further ado, my favorite movies i saw this year:


Amelie: i simply adored this lovely French film. it is fun, quirky, and oh so sweet. i could watch this over and over and never tire of it. you must see it. audrey tatou is the new audrey hepburn.

Pan’s Labyrinth: absolutely breathtaking screenplay and musical score. the costumes/makeup were incredible as well.

Lars and the Real Girl: i really got a kick out of this one-it was weird, but adorable and heartbreakingly funny.

Batman Begins and Dark Knight: i’m keeping these together because quite honestly, while they were released as two separate movies, they really are just parts of a whole. i thought them equally stunning. (though for Dark Knight i must say that only Heath Ledger could make a creepy weirdo sexy; and Christian Bale, you had me at Swing Kids).

Little Miss Sunshine: this was about the most bizarre feel-good movie i have ever seen. i thoroughly enjoyed it. steve carrell really impressed me in his role that was so vastly different from his Office persona. and abigail breslin is a freaking PRODIGY. amazing.

P.S. I Love You: i really liked this one even though most of my friends hated it. but let’s face it, love doesn’t always happen the way you expect. watch it with an open mind, enjoy the journey. just like life. (i also discovered a new favorite band: Flogging Molly)

Juno: loved this movie. ellen page and michael cera were just as cute as can be (as usual). the movie was funny, loving, real, and best of all: pro-life. (and rainn wilson’s brief role was quite enjoyable).

Fracture: anthony hopkins was brilliant in this less-than raved about movie. it was really quite interesting.

Dan in Real Life: sweet and painfully funny. once again, carrell blew me away with his versatility. and juliette binoche is always a treat (watch her in two of my favorites: Chocolat and Wuthering Heights- the movie adaptation)

The Darjeeling Limited: adrian brody, owen wilson, and jason schwartzman: need i say more? but if i must, it was wes anderson at his finest: offbeat, surreal, and oddly sentimental.

3:10 to Yuma: i’ve always been a fan of westerns, and this one is no exception! russell crowe makes an awesome good-bad guy.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: amazing. and i don’t even like shaving scenes. Johnny Depp, it’s always been you, even as a sadistic barber. people, don’t watch this one if you have a weak stomach.

August Rush: sweet and inspiring. it didn’t get the best reviews, but it was so beautiful, and likewise, the music. chalk up another creepy role for Robin Williams –Insomnia, 1 Hour Photo, and Patch Adams (i do not like clowns).

Waitress: unexpectedly sweet, charming, and humorous.


well, alright. i’m running out of descriptive words, so i’d better stop. check back for more additions later…



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