upbeats and beatdowns (not in that order)

life is catching up to me. a busy week, a year of piled up stress, and the desperate need for a vacation have left me feeling so unbelievably exhausted, jaded, and overwhelmed. on top of that i haven’t been able to exercise regularly or eat as healthily as i should- which is making all this worse. i worked a 9 hour shift at my second job yesterday and was unable to sleep last night. i did take a nice little nap this afternoon, but that has worn off and it’s only 7. there’s a bunch of housework to do, plus this week there is grocery shopping, laundry, work, work, and more work. and my new hiking shoes have come unstitched in a spot. sigh. can i cry now? i really need a hug from Jesus.

on to the good notes:

  •  i am visiting family next weekend (hiking- hopefully the shoes will hold up).
  • it looks like i’ll be going to Seattle for a week in late spring, and possibly a jaunt up to the Olympic Peninsula! i am so ready for it.
  • it was a lovely day today. after my nap, i went for a little Fall drive with Elliott Smith and Sufjan Stevens. very nice.
  • my new second job is fun (but let’s face, it is a job)
  • God.

so that’s my life as of late.


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