rainy day woman (and misc.)

it’s raining and i am happy. i have a cup of smokey black coffee, just heard GREAT news (i’m an auntie again!), i slept quite well last night, and i have a lovely lunch packed- whole wheat pasta shells with roasted garlic marinara sauce. oh the simple joys of life.

did i mention i love rain? i’m a pac northwest girl at heart. i don’t do umbrellas. i like the rain on my face. my dad and i used to go fishing in the rain (fish really do seem to bite more), so i guess there are a lot of good memories for me in the rain. i think i would also like to try hiking in the rain, but i can’t get anybody to go with me.

so Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. it’s about family, and not presents (the way Christmas should be, but let’s face it, it’s not). but there is the anticipation of Christmas- the decorating, the shopping, the planning. i love all that. last Christmastime i really got it into the giving part more than in past years. i even baked/decorated whole wheat organic sugar cookies for my new neighbors. it truly is better to give than to get. it’s especially exciting to buy gifts for the little ones in the family. all year long i scout out ideas until i find the perfect gifts. you will likely find me in the children’s section at Barnes & Noble sitting at one of those little tables reading through a stack of books. i’m more excited than the kids are on Christmas morning! this year will be a good one as i’ve decided to get a worm farm for my niece. (don’t worry, i’ve already cleared it with her mom). oh the excitement! well, i got off the topic of Thanksgiving. oops. it really is my favorite holiday. but Christmas is a close second.

well…it’s probably time to do something constructive.


enjoy the rainy day!


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