my beef with christian bookstores

i do not like christian bookstores. they are overpriced and filled with glitzy trinkets like stained glass suncatchers with Bible verses, gilt-framed paintings of sheep, or letters that spell out “Faith” or “Family” or “Love”. and don’t get me started on those christian romance novels (although, i admit that i do enjoy making fun of the titles- Taming Rafe )

i never go in them on my own accord (last spring a friend dragged me in one, but i swear that’s the last time). i think they are bubbles that separate christians from the rest of the world. and i don’t think Jesus would have ever gone into a christian bookstore. in my opinion all a christian bookstore should sell are sturdy walking shoes, first aid kits, tissues, and Bibles. that’s all. the Gospel of Jesus is beautiful, but it is very raw and real, and often very painful. it cannot be conveyed in windchimes that say “Make a Joyful Noise” or in embroidered Bible covers. following Jesus is tough. but it is every bit worth it.


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