untitled: my tuesday evening

a monotonous tuesday evening ahead of me. ho hum. what to do…


right now i’m listening to the new Muse album “Showbiz”. it’s pretty good so far. i like to get CDs from the library before i buy them, that way i can decide if they are worth spending the money.


my new merrells arrived today! i like them, but boy are these puppies stiff. i will definitely need to moleskin my feet before hitting the trail. they do provide very stable support for my feet, and the Vibram soles will kick butt on those damp, mossy rocks. plus they are oh so cozy for cold days on the trail. i think we’ll do just fine together, that is- after they are broken in a bit.


i’m excited by the prospect of rain tomorrow. i just love rainy Fall days. too bad i have to work. i’d rather curl up under a blanket with a book, light a candle, and sip hot green tea. but i suppose i can do all that tomorrow evening.


so that’s about the extent of my life’s excitement. now i’d better go and get as much out of this evening as i can, boring as it is, there is always something to do.


good night, friends.


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