One of those [amazing] days…

this day is just kicking my butt- in a good way. here are some highlights thus far:

  • crunchy leaves on the ground
  • iced passion tea lemonade (starbucks!)
  • smiling people buying pumpkins @ kroger
  • my new brown sweater (!)
  • clean underwear!
  • warm sun, cool breeze
  • blue sky
  • elliott smith
  • new shoes on the way
  • my favorite pair of trouser jeans
  • getting work done
  • e-mail from a dear friend
  • making plans (hiking!) with family
  • my car is running GREAT now! (thanks to a recent tune-up)
  • chips, guacamole, and clementine Izze at Chipotle
  • Books & Co.
  • wind in my hair

i will try to NOT be discouraged about:

  • dr. appointment
  • job(s)


there is always so much more to be happy about.


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One response to “One of those [amazing] days…

  1. I want a brown sweater!

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