i get annoyed when people buy big new houses and nice cars and say God has blessed them. so does that mean that people who live in the slums and drive rusty cars (like mine) aren’t blessed by God?  (and wasn’t Jesus’ message to sell all you have and give to the poor? but that’s another post…)

that being said, i feel that i am so freaking blessed by God. i can wake up every morning and go to sleep every night knowing there is Someone who went to hell and back for me (me! me! ). i am blessed because it doesn’t cost money to smell a Fall morning, with all its intricate flavors, or to watch the mist-shroud unfold from a mountain peak, or feel a warm breeze on my face. i am blessed because i know somehow God takes care of me- and everyone- in ways i cannot dream. the rain falls on the rich and the poor, and so does the sun shine on both.

a BMW will someday share the same fate as my dear little rust bucket anyway- so what’s the point? i’m just happy that God is forever, and that he loves me. and that just makes me smile.


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