going bowling tonight with friends. i love to bowl, but i pretty much stink at it. sometimes i’ll get it just right and get a strike, but i usually end up putting too much pressure on myself the next frame. it will just be nice to hang out with the friends.



i got in gear this morning and made a soy mango flax smoothie for breakfast (vanilla soymilk, ground flaxseeds, frozen mangoes, and honey). so good- and it really held me over quite a ways until lunch.


yet another work week begins again tomorrow. i can’t believe how fast time goes by…what a cliche to say that- but it’s true. i badly need a vacation…somewhere in Scotland, maybe? someplace with moors and castles and craggy peaks and quaint buildings with red doors, someplace far from here…but then time will fly just as fast there as here. sigh. 




so that’s about it. enjoy your sunday evening.


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