misc. ramblings on a sunday evening

nothing better than a stormy day with crossword puzzles and classical radio. i am in my element. the only thing missing is my soy caramel macchiato, but i’m trying to take a starbucks sabbatical (not easy, let me tell you). maybe i’ll have a cup of green tea, the next best thing.


i have definitely been blogging a lot more this past week than i normally would. of course, i’ve been blessed with some much needed extra time, and i’ve just felt like writing. not that i have anything worthwhile to say, i just really enjoy writing.


this afternoon i did some grocery shopping. i am very pleased to see more and more people using cloth grocery bags. what a difference it can make, not to mention they are so much more convenient than the flimsy plastic store-issue bags. i normally have to bag my own groceries when i take my own bags, but that’s fine with me. i can better organize my items that way. it’s always a gamble when the grocery employees bag your groceries. one time i came home to find a bag of frozen mangos had condensated (is that a word?) all over a cereal box, and well, you know how well cardboard does when it gets wet.


i am so thankful that Fall is here (well, it’s sort of here). it’s definitely my favorite season. perfect for hiking, camp fires, reading poetry, and solitary reflections. i get very nostalgic in the Fall. on one of the cooler evenings last week, while i was driving, i caught the scent of a wood smoke in the air. it took me back to my childhood, where for all of my growing-up (am i really a grown-up?), my family used a wood burning stove as our sole source of heat. some of my most vivid memories were centered around that stove: sitting by the stove, the only warm place in the house, on snowy december evenings; cutting wood with my dad to bring home (of course, the cold, damp woods was the last place i wanted to be at the time, but looking back i can see how much my dad taught me about life, work, and himself). sometimes Fall makes me so nostalgic that i cry, but mostly in a good way.


well, i spent more time on this post than i intended. i think i need a snack (apple slices and peanut butter!) and some tea.


have a happy evening. do some reflecting of your own.


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