my voting struggles

so this election year i am really struggling with which way to vote. i have been talking with God a lot, trying to get a feel for the right choice. He’s not exactly telling me.

i didn’t go through this during last election because i pretty much just voted the way i knew my friends and family wanted. but this time i have really been thinking, researching, praying, etc. early on, i was set on one candidate, and then when i faced opposition, i switched (i hate to admit this). and then i was set on another candidate, and now i’m still not so sure. i mean, how do you choose the perfect person when there is no perfect person? people have told me i should vote for person who shares the same “values and morals” that i have. and well, that’s where it gets tricky for me. you see, just because i believe one way, doesn’t mean that that is the best way for the country. for instance, if i took a stand opposing gay marriage, will it really solve anything? people will still be gay, whether i vote against it or not. it will only result to hurt people and alienate them even further from those darn conservative evangelicals, who i’m sure want to keep it that way. and if i were to vote for making abortion illegal, which i am adamantly against, that wouldn’t mean women would automatically stop getting abortions. no, they would probably have abortions in vans down by the river and thus run the risk of getting a disease or life-threatening complications. i’m not saying i want abortion to continue, but again maybe there is a better way than some political agenda.

i have been struggling with these issues and many more. which is why i was elated when i read this passage in Donald Miller’s Searching for God Knows What. read:

To be honest, I think most Christians…want to love people and obey God but feel they have to wage a culture war. But this isn’t the case at all. Remember, we are not elbowing for power in the lifeboat. God’s kingdom isn’t here on earth. And I believe you will find Jesus in the hearts of even the most militant Christians, moving them to love people, and it is only their egos, and the voice of Satan, that cause them to demean the lost. What we must do in these instances is listen to our consciences, and allow Scripture to instruct us about morality and methodology.       (p. 188)

i wholeheartedly agree.

sadly, i am still no where close to making a decision. i want to be able to actually say on nov. 4 that i counted all the costs and i voted for the person who i feel is the best, even if i get called a donkey (which i actually have) or an elephant or a tree hugger or a bleeding heart liberal or a stick-in-the-mud conservative (God, i hope not). no matter what i am called by other people “elbowing their way in the lifeboat” as Miller says, Jesus still loves me. and i still love Him.

happy voting, everyone!

any thoughts, advice?


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  1. apoetslife

    I just came across your blog when browsing on wordpress, and I’m definitely glad I found this one. I can totally relate. Up until recently (like as in a couple of weeks ago) I didn’t have even the slightest idea who to vote for. I’m not strictly Republican or Democrat, so I can’t really just vote for one candidate based on party. I even began questioning whether or not I should vote at all (sadly). And it’s hard to know if you’re ever really making the right decision when it comes to politics (at least I think so), but I think the best we can do is trust that God will guide us in some way, and to do our best to personally obey God and his policies when it comes to voting. So yeah, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one having trouble with picking a candidate!

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