this morning i read out of Exodus, in the area of chapters 19-20- the several times that Moses goes to Mt. Sinai (sounds like a movie). these stories have always fascinated me. i picture Moses climbing up this huge mountain that is shrouded in thick smoke while thunder and lightning boom and flash around him. imagine my surprise when i decided to google Mt. Sinai. it is only 7,497 feet! last summer i went to Colorado and saw Pikes Peak, which is 14,110 feet. so much for Moses on the giant mountain. instead the range where Sinai is situated looks more like southern Utah (not that that isn’t pretty…) but i guess the real focus of the story is not about the mountain, but the fact that God actually descended to the mountain and spoke to Moses there. even as i type a sort of hush has crept through my soul. to speak to God in person, and on a mountain (small though it is) would be nothing short of glorious.

i have always marveled over mountains, from the time when as a little girl i visited the Smoky Mountains, to the several times i’ve been through the Cascades in Oregon and Washington, to traveling through the Rockies last summer.

funny enough, i am afraid of heights, and yet, i have found myself lately wanting to learn to rock climb and mountaineer. my hands get sweaty when i think about it. it would have to be the greatest thrill i’ve ever experienced, and that’s not saying much since i’m pretty much a wimpy coward.  i just put in a libary request for Jon Krakauer’s book Into Thin Air and every month i browse through the Patagonia catalog with lust- and not over the clothes. each page features real people rock climbing, alpine mountaineering, etc. i, little insignificant me, want to be one of them. i want to sleep hanging off a cliff in my bivy, i want to feel the ache in my fingers as they grasp each new crevice in the rock, my eyes always on the summit i’m headed for. it would be the ultimate time to connect with God. especially when you’ve got nothing else to hold on to.

it’s really all just wishful thinking. i’ve never been a risk taker. but still… i’ve been toying with the idea of heading to the local climbing gym and seeing about lessons. i will probably chicken out, but if this infatuation continues to grow, maybe not. hey-maybe someday you’ll see me in the Patagonia catalog!


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