the other day i watched an online excerpt of the Colbert Report (love that man) when Anne Lamott appeared as a guest. i have read several of her books, and her story has been very inspirational to me, as well as her very eloquent style of writing. she is as real as it gets.


however, she said something that really stabbed at my heart (in addition to using feminine pronouns when referring to God) she said in reference to finding God is that there is one mountain, but many paths. she didn’t elaborate, but that still really bothered me. she claims that Jesus is this radical, wonderful person, and yet, she is basically calling him a liar (“I am the Way and the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except by me.” – John 14:6).


how is that worth it? i mean, if there are many paths, then i have to say, why am i on this one?


come on, Anne.


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