a-ranting i will go…

of all the disturbing images i could see on a given day, this one trumps them all: yesterday i saw a coloring page from a children’s sunday school curriculum book depicting the “fall of man” in the garden of eden. adam and eve were happily eating apples while a friendly cartoon snake watched. now, granted i am a snake person, but this snake was just too darn cute, you know what i mean? yeah, i know the real snake was supposedly “cunning” or whatever, but couldn’t this one have at least been given angry eyebrows or fangs sticking out of his mouth or…something?! what is this telling kids? apples, good! snake, good! sin, GOOD! well…maybe yeah. i guess that is the nature of deception, but….


obviously you now know i have some deep-seeded issues. clearly i am reacting against my own childhood relationship with “Flannel Board Jesus”, but this just bothers me to no end. i can’t stop thinking about it. i really don’t have an answer or solution or anything. i just needed to get this off my chest.


ok. exit soap box.


good night.


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