my photoshopped life

last sunday i was musing on a recent project i did on adobe photoshop that turned out really nice. i was trying to recall the steps it took to get me to the end product, but i could not, only that i did just a lot of random things in random ways that somehow resulted with it looking pretty cool.


and then it hit me.


my life was photoshopped by GOD.


without getting into the specifics of the photoshop program (i’m not a professional, hence have my own names for each tool, like “that little sparkler thingy”, which i’ve recently discovered is actually called “the magic wand tool”), i can totally compare my life with a photoshop file (loosely, of course).


my life is comprised of mistakes, good decisions, bad decisions, classes i’ve taken, books i’ve read, music i’ve listened to, people i’ve know,n, etc., etc., etc. somehow, all these different layers have been pieced together, like in photoshop, and no matter how crappy or beautiful, they have made me me. i am not at all where i want to be yet, but it was a breath-catching moment when i thought of how no matter the things in the past, no matter how ugly or haphazardly-made each layer, God has made something beautiful out of me.  each moment of my life, having no merit in themselves alone, put together shows a bigger picture. like those puzzles whose pieces are tiny photographs that fit together to form a larger picture. now i’m being redundant. this analogy probably means more to me, as an artist, than it does to you, but i had to share anyway.


so that’s it. GOD takes my layers, fits them together, and maybe someday, people will be able to see Jesus in the overall me-picture. how cool is that? that people see Jesus in a mosaic of raw moments of my life, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


only God.


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