good book

this week i’m reading a very thought-provoking book called Searching for God Knows What, written by Donald Miller (same author of Blue Like Jazz, a favorite of mine). i’m not going to talk about it now, but i highly recommend it.


any thoughts, if you’ve read it?



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2 responses to “good book

  1. I just finished talking to a friend about this book. honestly we were both a bit disappointed with it. Miller’s Blue Like Jazz is really brilliant and original. Searching for God Knows What is also an excellent read but it is fairly redundant. The strength of Blue Like Jazz is his narrative which is lacking in Searching. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad book, just a different approach.

  2. talesofaswallow

    hmmm. i have to agree and disagree with you there, Mike. agree in that Blue Like Jazz still trumps this one- it had much better flow and just kept me on the edge of my seat. but i disagree with you in that i am not disappointed, SFGKW has really made me think…and has given me a different perspective on stuff i have known for a long time…thanks for your thoughts!

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