my turn on the soapbox, revised


i am not a republican. i am not a democrat. maybe i’m a little bit of both.


i am pro-life, pro-people, pro-peace, pro-God.


i am a woman. i’m for women and for every single life. but i will not pretend to understand the shoes that some people have to wear. i will not judge. i will love.


i am anti-racism and anti-prejudice. i am anti-war and anti-terrorism- especially if my country is the terrorist.


i am sick of politics. i am sick of people trying to sway me one way or another. i am sick of campaigns and agendas.


i will pay taxes. i will give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. i will not complain about gas prices. it is my choice to have a car, right?


i will be for the environment. i will be for america. i will be for the world. i will be for the underdog. i will be for people. i will be for Jesus.


i will go the way God made me to go. even if it’s the opposite of everyone else and i get trampled.


and i will get off my soapbox now.


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